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Squiz Matrix Newsletter #473: Matrix 5 Versioning Updates

The release of Squiz Matrix 5 is fast approaching! In fact, there's just over a week to go until Matrix 5 goes live on Monday, the 28th of April.

Due to the holiday breaks (Easter and Anzac Day), we won't be publishing a newsletter next week. This means that today is your last sneak peek before the release of Matrix 5.

This week, we discuss our new processes for managing and releasing Squiz Matrix 5 and beyond, including a brand new versioning system. We also have news regarding the Squiz Matrix Bug Tracker.

So let's get right to it then.

Matrix 5 Release Changes

In the past, Matrix has seen a consistent release schedule, with monthly minor releases and a new branch released approximately every 4 months. With the release of Matrix 5, however, we've taken the opportunity of reviewing and improving this system.

As of Matrix 5, we will no longer be releasing versions on a set scheduled basis, instead moving to a more ad hoc release system, with new versions released as they are warranted.

To complement this new release system, we've also changed how we version Squiz Matrix to now use four version numbers: MAJOR.MINOR.MICRO.PATCH (e.g. Squiz Matrix

  • MAJOR - Significant changes to the core of the product and interface.
  • MINOR - New features and enhancements are released.
  • MICRO - Bug fixes are released that either require a website downtime, editing freeze, server software restart or any install scripts to be run.
  • PATCH - Minor bug fixes are released that are a simple drop in replacement of files and easily reversible. 

This ad hoc strategy has also been extended to our releases of Edit+ for Squiz Matrix, which will now be kept in sync with our Matrix releases. This means that for every MINOR release of Matrix, a supported MINOR release of Edit+ will also be released (e.g. Matrix v5.2.0.0, Edit+ v5.2.0).

We're hoping this system will allow us to push new releases more efficiently, especially those containing vital bug fixes or important enhancements, and provide more feature-rich MINOR releases. 

As always, information on future releases will be available on the Squiz Matrix User Manual Library.

Farewell, Bug Tracker.

Our trusty Squiz Matrix Bug Tracker has been around since the launch of the product and has seen almost 7000 bugs reviewed and resolved. But it's time to move on.

As of our Squiz Matrix 5 release, the Bug Tracker will be closing and bug management will now be handled by Squiz's internal Roadmap system, Squizmap, which is currently accessible to existing Squiz clients and those with a Squiz Connect Partnership.


This change has been implemented to provide consistency with the bug tracking of our other products, all of which are managed within Squizmap.

Bugs can also be reported on the Squiz Suite Support Forum.

Happy Easter!

As we head off on our much anticipated break, Squiz Labs would like to wish everyone a very happy Easter!

Happy Easter 2014 

We'll be back in a couple of weeks time with the exciting Squiz Matrix 5 release. So, enjoy the chocolate, enjoy the break and we'll see you then.

Squiz Matrix Newsletter #472: Matrix Moving to Git

We've had another busy week in the Labs office, headlined by our April releases of Squiz Matrix. These releases marked the last of our 4.16.x branch, leading up to the Matrix 5 release at the end of this month. 

New functionality introduced in our April releases included enhancements to the SAML Account Manager (new user attribute keywords and randomised user passwords) and a new trigger action to morph asset types.

Check out the release blog post for more information on both the 4.16.9 and 4.18.5 releases, including patch notes.

Finally, just a quick reminder that Matrix 5 is less than three weeks away! That's right, we'll be going live on the 28th of April (as we announced a couple of weeks back) so start counting down the days.

Your content editors love you, now your backend users will too!

With the release of Edit+ for Squiz Matrix in 2012, we introduced a new WYSIWYG editor, providing an intuitive interface for creating and maintaining your content.

We're happy to announce that as of Squiz Matrix 5, this WYSIWYG editor will now be available for use within the administration interface.

The Edit  Editor in the Admin Interface 

This means that Squiz Plus customers who use Admin mode will have access to the full range of content editor features that were previously only available in Edit mode.

We've also thrown in two new features, the Insert Keyword and Insert Snippet tools, available in both Admin and Edit modes. These new tools aid in reusing content from different parts of the system, without the need of referring to the manuals or complex content guides.

And the icing on the cake? Squiz Matrix 5 and the new WYSIWYG editor will both be supporting Internet Explorer 11. Great news for all you IE users!

Squiz Matrix code access changes.

With the release of Matrix 5, Squiz is changing the way we distribute access to our code versioning system.

Currently, Squiz Matrix code is available through our public CVS repository. From the release of Matrix 5, access to the Matrix code from version 5.0.0 and up will now only be accessible via Git to Squiz Plus clients or through a Squiz Connect Partnership

Squiz Connect Partnerships are a new initiative from Squiz available to individuals or organisations using Squiz Matrix for commercial purposes.

Access to Matrix version 4 code will remain publicly accessible on our public CVS until the last release of the 4.18 branch. 

Squiz Matrix will continue to be distributed under a GPL license, and the latest major release will be available as a free VM download on the Squiz Matrix User Manual Library.

More information will be published and available soon, or alternatively, you can contact Squiz if you have any enquiries regarding these changes. 


Squiz Matrix Versions 4.16.9 and 4.18.5 Released

Our April releases of Squiz Matrix are now available.

Version 4.16.9 is the final release of Matrix's 4.16.x branch, launched last year. This release contains seventeen bug fixes.

Version 4.18.5 of Matrix is the newest release of our 4.18.x branch, launched late last year. This release contains six new features and enhancements, as well as thirty-three bug fixes.

Some of the functionality introduced in this release include new user attribute keywords on the SAML Account Manager, as well as a new option to option to randomise passwords for SAML users, and a new Morph Asset Type trigger action. 

Please be sure to follow the relevant user guides when updating or installing your system. 

Squiz Matrix Newsletter #471: Matrix 5 Requirements

So far, since announcing the release of Squiz Matrix 5 last month, we've revealed the new admin and edit+ interfaces and given you a taste of upcoming features like the conditional content rules and Marketo integration.

This week we have information on the minimum requirements that have been set for Matrix 5 and we also take a look at Edit+ for Squiz Matrix's new asset search feature.

Matrix 5 Requirements

With such a significant upgrade to the system, we've had to review and set a list of new minimum requirements for Matrix 5.

Our web browser support is now the same for both of Admin and Edit modes and are as follows:

Squiz Matrix 5 will require PHP 5.3.0 or later, and support PostgreSQL version 8.4.x or greater or versions 9i ( and greater) 10g and 11g of the Oracle database.

A full list of our new requirements for Matrix 5 will be available on the Squiz Matrix User Manual Library at release, including our recommended Squiz Matrix stack, which we've endorsed as being the most optimal for stability, performance and security.

With the introduction of the new JavaScript-based asset map, we will be depreciation support of Java in Squiz Matrix 5. This will also extend to the Java image editor on Image asset types.

Finally, we will also be depreciating the ability to add Table content containers on the Page Contents screen of assets. Please note, however, that existing Table containers on your systems will still be in place and continue to work, unchanged.  

Now where did I put that asset... ?

A few weeks back, we gave you a sneak peek at Edit+ for Squiz Matrix's fantastic new interface and now we're ready to reveal one of the great new tools we'll be including in the release.

Whilst being a staple of the Admin interface for a number of years, asset searching was previously not available within Matrix's Edit mode, but that's all about to change.

Edit+'s new asset searching tool allows you to query the assets within your system. 

Edit  for Squiz Matrix: Asset Searching

Edit+'s new asset searching tool allows you to query the assets within your system (by either keyword or asset ID) and return a list of matching results. Clicking on a specific search result will redirect you to the editing screens for that asset.

Another nifty option this new tool provides is the ability to apply type filters to refine the results of your search. The filters available include:

  • Files (Any)
  • News Items
  • Folders
  • Events (Any)
  • Images
  • Standard Pages

Clicking on a filter will only display search results of that specified asset type. So, for example, clicking the Standard Page filter will mean that only Standard Page assets matching the search query will be displayed in the results.

Edit  for Squiz Matrix: Asset Searching (Results)

Filters can also be used simultaneously, for example, searching all File and Folder type assets.

We know that it can sometimes be tricky finding specific pages in your system, especially when dealing with large sites containing thousands of assets. We're confident that this new asset searching tool will give your editors the ability to quickly and easily search for and navigate to any asset within your system. You'll never be lost again!

April Releases

This coming Monday, April 7th, we'll be releasing two new versions of Squiz Matrix, 4.16.9 and 4.18.5. These releases will mark the last of our 4.16.x branch of Matrix, as we introduce Matrix 5 later this month. We will be continuing to update our 4.18.x branch of Matrix with bug fixes and other minor updates until it is discontinued, later this year.

For more information on the upcoming release dates of Squiz Matrix, check out the Release Information page on the Squiz Matrix User Manual Library and be sure to check back here on the Squiz Labs blog on Monday for more information on these releases.

Squiz Matrix Newsletter #470: Matrix 5 Release Date Set

In case you hadn't heard, Squiz Matrix 5 is coming! Each week leading up to release we've been taking a look at some of the great additions you can expect to look forward to.

Last week we announced that Matrix 5 is now in testing and also revealed our first feature sneak peek with Matrix's new conditional content rules.

The Edit Container Condition Settings 

This week we've got new information on the release of Matrix 5, as well as the unveiling of our new Marketo integration feature. In other news, we take a look at Squiz Labs' celebrations for Harmony Day.

Not long to go now.

Things have been moving along nicely since we shifted into the testing phase for Squiz Matrix 5 and we're happy to now be able to officially set a release date of Monday, 28th of April. That's only about a month away!

Our next monthly releases of Squiz Matrix will go ahead as planned on the 7th of April. This Matrix  release of 4.16.9 will be the last of the 4.16.x branch. We will, however, be continuing to update the 4.18.x branch of Matrix with bug fixes and other minor updates until later in the year when Matrix 4 will be discontinued.

For more information on the upcoming release dates of Squiz Matrix, check out the Release Information page on the Squiz Matrix User Manual Library.

Matrix, meet Marketo.

Recently, marketing automation platforms have become increasingly popular tools to simplify and streamline marketing tasks and workflows. That's why Squiz has been working closely with Marketo, a world-leading provider of easy and powerful marketing automation software, in order to allow Matrix to facilitate full integration with these platforms.

Late last year, Matrix introduced the new SOAP Marketo signature authentication type, which provided integration with a Marketo service, allowing for the creation, retrieval and removal of entities and data stored within the connected service.

While this was a big step, this feature hasn't provide full integration with Marketo and thus doesn't take advantage of all the tools Marketo has to offer.

In the lead up to the release of Matrix 5, Squiz has been working in partnership with Marketo so that we can deliver complete integration with Marketo's powerful marketing automation capabilities.

Through the use of our new Marketo Bridge asset, Matrix will now allow you to fully integrate with a Marketo service, allowing the system to collect user data through site interaction and submit this data to Marketo for analysis.

Collected data can be leveraged to intelligently deliver the right content at the right time for your users on the web and in email communications. 

The Marketo Bridge uses a Sync Lead process to push collected user data to Marketo. This process can be run using a dedicated Sync Lead API or through a new Marketo Sync Lead form submission action. Marketo's Munchkin API is also available for large scale activity tracking.

Data can be retrieved from a Marketo service using a Get Lead process via either a Get Lead API or using new Marketo global keywords to print retrieved data.

With this new Marketo Bridge asset, we're looking forward to seeing Matrix's integration with Marketo's marketing automisation tools facilitate unprecedented levels of user engagement. 

Food, glorious food!

The 21st of March was Harmony Day in Australia, where we are called to recognise and celebrate the cultural diversity of this great country of ours. This year, Labs decided the best way to do this was to host our own multicultural lunch.

Now, along with being a fantastic bunch of people, the team at Squiz Labs are also a very culturally diverse group -- Italian, Chinese, Nepalese, Indian, Maltese, Lebanese, Polish, Korean, Turkish ... the list goes on! 

Squiz Labs Harmony Day 

Each member of the Labs team brought in a dish, representative of their background, and boy was it a delicious feast! Main dishes included baked macaroni, stir-fried beef, prawn noodles, pastizzi, chicken curry, spinach cob dip, pierogi, momo dumplings, not to mention lemon semolina cake, profiteroles, and bread and butter pudding for dessert. Yum!

We all had a great time and the lunch gave us the chance to celebrate the diversity of Squiz Labs and Australia as a whole. 

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