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Squiz Matrix Newsletter #490

This month we released Squiz Matrix 5.1.0, our first minor release since Matrix 5 was unveiled earlier this year. Matrix 5.1 was released with a massive list of features, over sixty in total, and now you can get your hands on it with the release of our evaluation VM.

You can grab the Matrix 5.1 evaluation VM on the Squiz Matrix User Manual Library. Please be sure to follow the installation guide in order to get Matrix up and running correctly.

This VM contains all the great features in Matrix 5.1, including Squiz Matrix's new Maintenance Mode, JavaScript API form functions, asset type restrictions on Workflow Schema assets, and the ability for triggers to action on other assets.


This week we have one minor feature to report, a new option to skip tabled when running the system's system_integrity_fix_char_encoding.php script. Continue reading below for more information on this week's developments.  

New Skip Tables Option in system_integrity_fix_char_encoding.php Script

Due for release in version (TBA) 

Squiz Matrix's system_integrity_fix_char_encoding.php script performs a charset conversion on content within your system.

Content that will be converted by this script includes all attributes and metadata values for an asset. This script will also regenerate the metadata, design and bodycopy content files of affected assets, following the charset conversion.

Previously, this script would run on your entire Matrix system, including all database tables. This could potentially cause issues on larger systems with db tables containing large volumes of information.

This feature introduces a new --skip-tables parameter on this script that takes a comma separated list of db tables to ignore when running this script.

An example useage of this new option is as follows: 

$ php system_integrity_fix_char_encoding.php --system=[system_root] --old=UTF-8 --new=iso-8859-11 --rootnode=100 --skip-tables=sq_internal_msg,sq_ast_attr_val   

Squiz Matrix Newsletter #489

We went full steam ahead this week with our release of Squiz Matrix 5.1. Our first minor release since April's 5.0 contained a whopping 50 new features and enhancements.

Over the past few months we've been covering some of the fantastic new features that we were finally able to unveil this week, including the new Maintenance Mode, Edit+ Editor plugin options, JavaScript API form functions, asset type restrictions on Workflow Schema assets, and the ability for triggers to action on other assets.

Edit+ for Squiz Matrix also got an upgrade, with great new functionality, such as the ability to create and edit Custom Form assets and the new Analytics screen.

You can check out the patch notes for this release on the Release Information page of the Squiz Matrix User Manual Library.

Unfortunately, our evaluation VM of this release is not yet available, but we'll let you know as soon as it's up and ready for download.

Due to our work on this week's release, we don't have any new features to report, but rest assured we'll have plenty of information on some exciting new functionality in the coming weeks.

Squiz Matrix 5.1 Released

Squiz Matrix 5.1 is available today. This is our first minor release since we unveiled Matrix 5.0 back in April. This release is jam-packed, with over sixty brand new features and enhancements!

Some of the great new functionality you can find in Matrix 5.1 includes Squiz Matrix's new Maintenance Mode, Edit+ Editor plugin options, JavaScript API form functions, asset type restrictions on Workflow Schema assets, and the ability for triggers to action on other assets.

Our accompanying release of Edit+ for Squiz Matrix also finds itself with some terrific new features, such as the ability to create and edit Custom Form assets and the new Analytics screen.

This version of Squiz Matrix will be available soon as a VM download on the Squiz Matrix User Manual Library.

Please note that as of this release, a number of existing assets and functions are being deprecated in a two stage process. For more information, including a list of deprecated assets, refer to the information detailed in issue #486 of the Squiz Matrix newsletter

Furthermore, Edit+ versions for the 5.1 branch are now consistent with their corresponding Matrix version, which means the release notes for this version includes changes for both Matrix and Edit+.


Squiz Matrix Newsletter #488

The day has finally almost arrived! Squiz Matrix 5.1 will be released next Monday, September 1st.  Why should you be excited, you ask? Well this is perhaps our largest Matrix release ever with seventy new features and enhancements jam packed into the one release!

In this week's newsletter, we are taking a closer look at two of the flagship features that you can look forward to next week, Custom Form editing in Edit+ for Squiz Matrix, as well as our new Google Analytics Bridge and Edit+ Analytics screen.

Continue reading below for more information on these exciting new developments, and be sure to check back on Monday for all the latest on the release of Squiz Matrix 5.1.

Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Version Number Changes

As of next week's releases, we'll be changing the way we appoint version numbers to Edit+ for Squiz Matrix.

Our Edit+ for Squiz Matrix releases will now use version number consistent with their corresponding Squiz Matrix versions. So, for example, next week's release of Squiz Matrix will be released with an equivalent version of Edit+ for Squiz Matrix (

In addition to these changes, the release notes for both Squiz Matrix and Edit+ will now be combined on our Release Information page.

Custom Form Editing in Edit+ for Squiz Matrix

Due for release in version  (September 1st 2014)

Squiz Matrix now supports the creation and editing of Custom Form assets within the Edit+ for Squiz Matrix interface. Forms can be used to collect different types of information from users, for example, a Contact Us form or a Job Application.

This feature allows you to create Custom Form assets using the Asset Creation Wizard, as well as navigate to existing Custom Form assets and begin editing them.

A Custom Form on the Asset Creation Wizard 

Edit+ offers support for a wide variety of Custom Form configuration settings, including bodycopy customisation, form formatting, multiple page form options, and the logging and exporting of form submissions.

Configuring the settings of a Form within Edit  for Squiz Matrix 

The intuitive editing experience of Edit+ for Squiz Matrix extends to the creation of form sections and fields.

Form fields of all types can be effortlessly created and modified through a few clicks of your mouse. Further more, fields support drag and drop repositioning so you can easily arrange the layout of your form.

Form sections can also be created with ease and fields can be dragged and dropped between the different sections of your form.

Please note that currently this feature only supports level 1 editing and creation of sections within your Custom Forms; subsections are not supported at this time.

Additionally, form bodycopies can be accessed via corresponding tabs on the Content Screen, giving you access to the Edit+ Editor WYSIWYG content editor for all your customisation needs.

Editing the content of a Form within Edit  for Squiz Matrix 

Finally, just like in the back-end, Edit+ for Squiz Matrix allows you to fully configure and customise the emails sent by the Custom Form asset, including the Recipient and Receipt emails.  

We know that the Custom Form asset is one of the most widely used assets within Squiz Matrix and we've gone to great lengths to provide your editors with fantastic content editing tools for forms within Edit+ for Squiz Matrix.

The Google Analytics Bridge Connector and Edit+ Analytics Screen

Due for release in version  (September 1st 2014)

This feature introduces the new Google Analytics Connector asset that can be used to establish a connection to your Google Analytics application.

The Google Analytics Connector asset can be created via a new Google Analytics option in the Asset Map's asset creation menu.

Creating a Google Analytics Connector asset 

Once a connection and authentication has been established, a list of configured Google Analytics Views will be displayed that can be selected to create a new View asset within your system. Edit+ for Squiz Matrix can then communicate with this asset to retrieve any corresponding analytics data.

You can view the analytics data within Edit+ for Squiz Matrix on the new Analytics screen, accessed in Edit mode. Clicking on this screen will load up the analytics data for the current URL.

The Analytics screen in Edit  for Squiz Matrix 

The information available on the Analytics screen is broken down into three sub-screens: Summary, Traffic and Audience.

Each report screen has a variety of widgets and report tools displayed to present the variety of analytics data being retrieved by the Google Analytics Connector bridge, for example, page views, traffic sources and locations.

The Analytics screen in Edit  for Squiz Matrix 

This Analytics screen also provides a time period switcher tool, allowing you to toggle analytics data between one, three and six months. This allows you to view data on both a long and short term scale.

What's New in the Latest Release of Squiz Roadmap?

We've been working hard this year to bring you some fantastic new features in our latest release of Squiz Roadmap. Outlined below is just some of the new functionality that you can expect to run into in v1.7.0.

Editing made easy.

A new Edit button, displayed when viewing a report or a set of search results, opens a whole new world of batch editing possibilities. Clicking this button will take you to a new Batch Edit screen, allowing you to effectively edit all the ideas that were being viewed at the one time.

Roadmap: The Batch Edit button

The Batch Edit interface is set up in a manner that provides an overview of the ideas being edited and allows easy access to modifying the status, tags, milestones, assignees and contributors of these ideas.

The ideas selected can be limited using check-boxes, in order to further regulate the ideas being modified during the batch editing process.

Roadmap: The Batch Edit interface

Furthermore, a new Batch Edit privilege on the Roles screen allows you to manage the users who have access to the batch editing tools.

On the move.

Moving ideas between projects is now easier than ever before, with new options that allow you to remap your idea's status, tags, comment groups and milestones.

Roadmap: The Move Idea pop-up 

Previously, these idea values would be cleared or reset to default values. With these new remapping tools, you won't lose any of this information.

Additionally, if the project you are moving an idea to has the same basic setup as the source project, the Move Idea remapping options will auto-fill these values for you, making the process even easier.

Go forth and create.

Previously, projects could only be created by Super Users in your Roadmap system. With our new Project Creators screen, you can configure your regular users to allow them to also create projects.

Along with this addition, we've done a complete overhaul of the project creation tools, which can now be accessed via the main project list.  

Roadmap: The Create New Project pop-up 

These new project creation tools provide all the existing functionality that was previously available when creating projects, while also allowing you to import settings from other projects within your system, allowing you to get your projects up and running in no time at all!

Filter out those search results.

Searching for ideas within Squiz Roadmap has gotten that little bit more powerful with new search filters.

You can now search for ideas that have not been assigned to any users, and filter searches by one or more projects when doing a system-wide search. Search results will also now show the assignee and contributor for each displayed idea.

Project configuration tools.

Finally, we've got some small, but nifty new project configuration settings.

You can now set an alias for the items within your projects, which are set as ideas, by default. This means that the ideas in your system can be renamed to be called ticketsissuesbugs ... whatever suits your project's purposes.

This alias will be reflected within your entire project, including when viewing the help documentation.

Roadmap: The new Project Details settings

A new Comment Sort Direction is also available to allow comments on ideas to be displayed with the most recent comment first, rather than the current sorting method of listing the oldest comment first.

If this setting has been changed, the comment posting button will also be displayed at the top of the comment list, instead of the bottom. 

So When and Where Can I Get It?

Squiz Roadmap v1.7.0 is available now!

For more information on how you can your hands on it and start using these fantastic new features for yourself, please contact Squiz.

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