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Squiz Matrix Newsletter #486

This week was a bit of a sombre one in the Squiz Labs office, as we released our final version of Squiz Matrix 4. With this release, we said farewell to our classic purple back-end interface and the trusty Java-based asset map.

While we're not sure anyone is going to miss them (we've since moved on to bigger and better things), there's no doubt that anyone who has been using Matrix for a long period of time will have many fond memories of the old back-end.

Squiz Matrix 4
Goodbye, Mr Anderson.

But when a door closes, a window opens. We've also just released a new micro release of Squiz Matrix 5.0, and this week we entered our testing and beta phase of our upcoming Matrix 5.1 release. Onwards and upwards!

Check out the release blog post for more information on this week's Matrix releases.

Deprecated Assets & Features.

With the upcoming release of Squiz Matrix 5.1, we will be initiating a new deprecation process for old and unused assets and features.

Assets that have been marked for deprecation will be removed from the Matrix code via a 2 stage process:

  1. Notification and disabled creation: assets that are marked for deprecation will no longer be available for creation via the Add tool in the asset map. Already existing assets that are marked for deprecation will remain and be functional as per normal. They will, however, display a large notification at the top of every asset screen, warning users that the specific asset type is being deprecated and will be removed completely in a future Minor release.
  2. Removal of code: the Matrix upgrade will remove any code related to the deprecated assets and features from the system. The upgrade script will first check for and report any deprecated assets on the current system, allowing you to manually assess and manage these assets before the code is removed.

The following assets and features have been marked for deprecation in Squiz Matrix 5.1 and will be moving into the first phase of the deprecation process:

  • Funnelback Search Page
  • Funnelback Search Log Report
  • Funnelback Manager
  • IPB Brudge
  • Multiple Page
  • Weather Company Feed
  • Squiz Suite Manager
  • JS API Standard Mode
  • uTransact Payment Gateway
  • Structure Tree Content Type
  • Code Content Type

If you require more information about our new deprecation process, please contact Squiz.


This week we have two new features to report, including the ability for triggers to now action on assets other than that which fired an event. Continue reading below for more information on all this week's developments.

Ability for Triggers to Action on Other Assets

Due for release in version  (September 1st 2014)

Previously, triggers within Squiz Matrix could only be actioned on the broadcasting asset, i.e. the asset that fired the event of the trigger.

This feature introduces a new Action On Other Assets option when configuring trigger actions, allowing you to run any trigger action on assets, other than the broadcasting asset.

The Action on Other Assets settings 

Assets can be targeted to be actioned on using a number of different options:

  • Individually selecting the assets to action.
  • Selecting all parent linked assets of a specified link type(s). 
  • Sourcing a list of assets via a set dynamic parameter.

You can also specify the asset level to target, as well as individual asset types to action on.

This feature has been added to provide the potential for a number of new implementation possibilities for trigger setups within Squiz Matrix.

Designs: A New Comment Syntax Which Doesn't Get Printed to the Front End

Due for release in version  (September 1st 2014)

A new syntax has been added to a number of design and content assets within Squiz Matrix to allow editors and implementers to add HTML, CSS and JS comments within code that won't be printed on the front-end.

This is useful when users want to leave notes for code that are only applicable when editing in the back-end, for example, a list of asset IDs that a piece of code affects or how to update the code.

This new comment syntax is supported the following assets:

  • Design
  • CSS Design File
  • JS File
  • CSS File
  • WYSIWYG content container
  • Raw HTML content container

The format of this new syntax is as follows:

For HTML comments:

<!--@@ Comment goes here @@-->

For CSS and JS comments:

/*@@ Comment goes here @@*/

A new System Configuration option has also been added to allow you to disable the stripping of Matrix comments on the front-end. This is useful if for some reason these comments are required in the front-end output.

Squiz Matrix 4.18.9, and Edit+ 5.0.6 Released

Our August releases of Squiz Matrix are available today. These releases include our final release of Squiz Matrix 4, as well as a new micro release for Squiz Matrix 5.

With next month's release of Squiz Matrix 5.1, version 4.18.9 is our final release of Squiz Matrix 4, containing ten bug fixes. With this release, we say goodbye to the old purple administration interface and the Java asset map.

Squiz Matrix 4 

Squiz Matrix is the latest micro release of Matrix 5, after launching back in April. This release contains four bug fixes.

Edit+ for Squiz Matrix 5.0.6 is also released today, containing one bug fix.

Please be sure to follow the relevant user guides when updating or installing your system.

Squiz Matrix Newsletter #485

Last week, we unveiled the release date of the upcoming Squiz Matrix v5.1: Monday, September 1st. With only a month away till release, we're gearing up for our beta and testing phase, which will begin next week.

You can expect some exciting new feature announcements in the following few weeks leading up to the release, so be sure to keep an eye on the Squiz Labs blog for all the latest news on Matrix 5.1.


This week we're focusing on some great new Workflow additions that you can look forward to, including dynamic streams and conditions and the ability for editors to include comments when initiating the workflow approval process.

Continue reading below for more information on these exciting new developments. 

Dynamically Select Workflow Stream Based on Keyword Replacement

Due for release in version (September 1st 2014)

Workflow streams within Squiz Matrix allow you to define multiple lists of workflow steps on a single Workflow Schema asset, applied on your pages. When the workflow process is initiated, users can select the workflow stream to use for the approval process.

This feature enables workflow streams to be automatically selected based on a keyword replacement value.

On the Details screen of a Workflow Schema asset, new fields are now available allowing you to create and configure rules for each stream that is being used. These rules consist of matching a replacement value of a keyword to a specified pattern. Regular expressions are supported when creating these stream selection rules.

The Stream Selection Rules section 

If a rule is evaluated as true for the stream when an asset is in a workflow ready state, that stream will be available for user selection. If it does not meet the set selection rule, the stream will be hidden and not be available.

If only one stream is available for a user after all rules have been evaluated, the stream will be automatically set and the selector will not be displayed.

These stream selection rules are especially useful on sites containing a variety of content with multiple workflow approval procedures. By using keywords, for example, to return the metadata of the asset content being edited, the appropriate stream can be automatically selected when the workflow process is initiated.

The Stream Selection Rules No Match field 

An additional new field on the Details screen is also available, allowing you to specify the schema behavior when no streams can be automatically selected from the stream rules.

The Stream Selection Rules No Match field will allow you to specify to either use the set default stream, or to make all streams available to the user for selection. 

View the Squizmap idea for this feature at https://squizmap.squiz.net/matrix/5446.

Dynamically Select Workflow Step Approval Based on Keyword Replacement

Due for release in version (September 1st 2014)

This feature introduces the option to dynamically configure approval conditions within the workflow process, based on a keyword replacement value, in a similar manner to the above Stream Selection Rules feature.

This means that instead of hard-coding the user or user group to be the approver in a condition, you can dynamically set the condition based on a specified keyword, for example, an asset metadata keyword.

The New Dynamic Condition field 

Dynamic conditions are evaluated and set when the workflow on the asset is first initiated. This means that if a condition is based on a metadata field value, and that value changes throughout the approval process, the condition will not change.

View the Squizmap idea for this feature at https://squizmap.squiz.net/matrix/5447.

Allow Users with Write Access to Choose Workflow Stream

Due for release in version (September 1st 2014)

Previously, Squiz Matrix would only allow users with Admin permission to the current asset to select which stream to use when initiating workflow on an asset.

This feature enables you to specify on the Workflow Schema asset, the minimum permission type required to be able to select the workflow stream to use.

The Who Can Choose Workflow Stream? Field 

By default, this option will allow users with either Write or Admin access to select the workflow stream to use.

View the Squizmap idea for this feature at https://squizmap.squiz.net/matrix/5368.

Allow Editor to Include a Comment When Initiating Workflow

Due for release in version (September 1st 2014)

This feature introduces a new option on the Details screen of Workflow Schema assets that, when enabled, will allow editors to now leave a comment as part of the workflow initiation.

The Allow Comments When Requesting Approval? Field 

By default, the Allow Comments When Requesting Approval? setting is disabled.

The comment provided by the workflow initiator can also be included in the custom message configuration for the Workflow Invitation Message using the new %log_message% keyword.

This feature is also available when initiated workflow in Edit+ for Squiz Matrix.

View the Squizmap idea for this feature at https://squizmap.squiz.net/matrix/5368

Squiz Matrix Newsletter #484: Matrix 5.1 Release Date

Earlier this year, in May, we released Squiz Matrix 5, offering brand new interfaces, conditional content and a wide array of innovative features.

Since this release, we've been updating you each week on the developments we've been working on here in the Squiz Labs office to be released in our next feature release.

We're excited to be able to today announce when you can expect to be able to get your hands on our next release of Squiz Matrix.


The Squiz Matrix logo 

Squiz Matrix will be released on Monday, September 1st; that's just over a month away!

This release will contain exciting new functionality, such as Squiz Matrix's new Maintenance Mode, Edit+ Editor plugin options, JavaScript API form functions, asset type restrictions on Workflow Schema assets, improved error log information... the list goes on!

With the release of Matrix 5.1, we bid adieu to Matrix 4: Squiz Matrix 4.18.9, due for release on Monday, August 4th, will be the last.

For more information on our upcoming releases, view the Release Information page of the Squiz Matrix User Manual Library.

The great news is that the upcoming release of Matrix 5.1 is coinciding with this year's annual Squiz summit, to be held on the 4-5 September at Sydney's Luna Park.

This year's event focuses on the idea of 'connection', and over two inspiring days will comprise a variety of presentations and workshops that will leave you brimming with ideas about where technology is headed and how you can get your organisation there first.

Learn more about Connect2014, this year's Squiz Summit event.

As part of this year's summit, Squiz Matrix Product Manager, Bartek Banda, will be presenting a talk on our recent Matrix 5 release, including what's new in 5.1 and what you can look forward to in the future. You won't want to miss it!

Early bird tickets are still available until the end of this month.

Be sure to stay tuned over the next month, as we make some exciting announcements regarding the release of Squiz Matrix 5.1, and reveal more of the great new features that you can look forward to; right here on the Squiz Labs blog!


This week we have one new feature to report, new WSDL caching and timeout options on the SOAP Data Source asset. Continue reading below for more information on this great new development.

SOAP Data Source: New WSDL Caching and Redirect Timeout Options

Due for release in version (September 1st 2014)

Squiz Matrix's SOAP Data Source asset allows you to send requests to a remote SOAP server and display the content of the response within your site.

This feature introduces two new options on the SOAP Data Source, that allow you to enable caching of WSDL file information and set a request timeout.

The new Cache WSDL and Request Timeout options can be set on the Details screen of your SOAP Data Source asset.

The SOAP Data Source Cache WSDL and Request Timeout Options 

The Cache WSDL option allows you to select the caching system for the retrieved WSDL file information of the SOAP server, as specified in SOAP Data Source's WSDL field. This setting is useful in cases where the WSDL file information is usually left unaltered, allowing Squiz Matrix to instead retrieve the cached WSDL file information directly, potentially improving performance.

The caching options available on the Cache WSDL field allow you to specify whether to cache WSDL file information to either disk or memory, or both. Alternatively you can choose not to enable this option, by selecting the default value of Never Cache.

The Request Timeout allows you to specify how long the SOAP Data Source will wait for a response from the SOAP server, before returning an error. If no timeout is specified (zero, 0), the default PHP timeout setting will be used.

Squiz Matrix Newsletter #483

Squiz Matrix

At the beginning of the week, we released Squiz Matrix v5.0.4.1. This is a patch release, containing seven minor bug fixes.

You can head to the Release Information page of the Squiz Matrix User Manual Library to view our release schedule, as well as find patch notes on all our past versions of Matrix.


This week we have two new features to report, including new options to specify the Edit+ Editor tools to make available to your back-end users. Continue reading below for more information on all this week's developments.

Edit+ Editor Plugin Options 

Due for release in version   

With the release of Edit+ for Squiz Matrix in 2012, we introduced a new WYSIWYG editor, providing an intuitive interface for creating and maintaining your content.

As of our release of Squiz Matrix 5, earlier this year, this WYSIWYG editor became available for use within the administration interface (for Squiz Plus customers), providing access to the full range of content editor features that were previously only available in Edit mode.

The Edit  Editor in the Admin Interface 

This feature extends the support of the Edit+ Editor within the administration interface, adding new system configuration options to specify the editing tools that you want to make available to your back-end users.

The new Edit+ Editor Plugins settings can be found on the Global Preferences system configuration screen, and lists the editing tools that are available on the Edit+ Editor. By default, all the editing tools available will be enabled.

The Edit  Editor Plugin Options 

These settings work in a similar manner to the existing WYSIWYG Plugin tools, allowing you to enable and disable the editing tools that you want to make available within the Edit+ editing interface.

The Edit+ Editor tools available are:

  • Accessibility
  • Choose Language
  • Cursor Assist
  • Format Fonts
  • Formatting
  • History
  • Inline Toolbar
  • Insert Image
  • Insert Link
  • Keyboard Editor
  • Keywords
  • Listing
  • Matrix Editing Tools
  • Search and Replace
  • Special Chars
  • Table Editing
  • Viper Toolbar
  • View Source
  • Viper Editing Tools

This feature has been added to provide greater control over the editing interface and tools available to your content editors. 

Remap Manager: Improved Purge All Remaps Note

Due for release in version   

Squiz Matrix's Remap Manager allows you to view and manage the current remaps and redirects that have been configured on your system.

The Purge All Remaps option is available within these settings to provide a easy method of mass deleting all remapped URLs on a system, except those marked as Never Delete.

The Purge All Remaps field 

Previously, the information provided under this field did not make it clear that this option would ignore any URL filters applied, when deleting remaps.

This feature modifies the message under this field to make the usage of the Purge All Remaps option clearer. The new field message is as follows:

This will delete ALL the remaps having "Never Delete" option set to "No".
The URL filters below will be ignored when purging these remaps. 

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