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Squiz Matrix Newsletter #517

Today, the 22nd of May, is the anniversary of the birth of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a Scottish writer and physician, who is most notable for creating the character of detective Sherlock Holmes.

Doyle's first work featuring Holmes and his sidekick Dr. Watson was A Study in Scarlet, published in 1887.

All up, Doyle wrote twelve Sherlock Holmes stories (considered canon), along with hundreds of other novels, poems and short stories.

Doyle passed away in 1930 of a heart attack at the age of 71. His last words were directed to his wife, telling her: "You are wonderful".

In honour of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, we've given our logo a bit of the Sherlock Holmes treatment this week.

Squiz Labs: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 

Unfortunately, we don't have any new features to report this week. Be sure to check back next week for all the latest from our Squiz Matrix development team.

Squiz Matrix Newsletter #516

Today is National Chocolate Chip day in America, and we've chosen to adopt it because ... chocolate.

Did you know that chocolate chips date back to 1937 when Ruth Graves Wakefield of Whitman, Massachusetts added cut-up chunks of a Nestlé chocolate bar to the cookies she was baking? In 1939, Ruth reached an agreement to add her recipe to the chocolate bar's packing in exchange for a lifetime supply of chocolate. Sweet!

Since, of course, the most popular use of chocolate chips are in chocolate chip cookies, we've cookiefied our logo this week, with extra choc chips!

Squiz Labs: Chocolate Chip Day 

This week we have one minor enhancement to report, a new main.inc setting to set the Funnelback crawler user account. Continue reading below for more information on this new enhancement.


Released in version (TBA)

With the release of Squiz Matrix 5.1, a number of assets were marked for deprecation, including the Funnelback Manager and other Funnelback assets.

The User setting in the Funnelback Manager, however, is still required for use within Matrix. This minor enhancement introduces a new Main.inc setting to replace the previous setting in the Funnelback Manager.

The SQ_CONF_FUNNELBACK_INDEXING_USER setting allows you to enter one or more user IDs to specify as the logged in user for the Funnelback crawler. These user accounts will be used when indexing your sites, and will be able to receive extra page metadata headers for indexing purposes.

Please note that upgrading your existing systems will transfer this setting and any specified user IDs to the system's main.inc file automatically.

Squiz Matrix Newsletter #515

With only a few sleeps to go till Mother's Day, we certainly hope you've done all your pressie shopping for Mum! Whether you're planning on gifting chocolates, flowers, a new iWatch or a day at the spa, our recommendation is to make sure you give a big appreciate hug to all the special women in your life... and hey, breakfast in bed doesn't hurt either, right?

We've decided to go with chocolates for this week's newsletter, because who doesn't like chocolate? Especially those assorted mixes: something for everyone!

Mother's Day 2015

In other non-chocolate news, we have one new feature to report this week, a new Show in Menu field on the Edit+ Editor's Insert Image tool. Continue reading below for more information on this great new addition. 

Edit+ Editor: New Show in Menu Option for Insert Image Tool

Released in version (TBA)

The Insert Image tool in the Edit+ Editor allows you to insert an image into the content of your asset, by either entering a URL of an image to insert, selecting an existing Image asset from within your site, or uploading an image from your computer.

Previously, the Insert Image tool didn't provide any option for specifying the link type of an uploaded image; images were uploaded as Type 1 linked assets only, meaning that these assets would be displayed within the navigation menus of your site.

The Show in Menu field on the Insert Image tool

This feature adds a new Show in Menu field when uploading an image via the Insert Image tool. By default, images will now be uploaded as Type 2 linked assets. This means that these assets will NOT be displayed in the menus of your site. If you want an uploaded image to be a Type 1 asset, you can enable the Show in Menu field before selecting to upload the image.

This feature has been added to provide your editors with greater control over their content.

Squiz Matrix Newsletter #514

We released two new versions of Squiz Matrix earlier this week, v5.2.1.0 and Both of these releases contain bug fixes and minor enhancements.

For more information on our release schedule, refer to the Release Information page on the Squiz Matrix User Manual Library.


This week we have one new feature to report, a new function on the JavaScript API to set permissions. Continue reading below for more information on all this week's developments. 

JS API: New setPermission Operation

Released in version (Now Available)

The JavaScript API's existing Permissions functionality allows you to query and return the permissions of an asset. Previously, however, the JS API didn't provide you the ability to set an asset's permissions.

This feature introduces the new setPermission() operation to the JS API, allowing you to set a given user or user group permission on a specified asset.

This operation takes the following parameters:

  • asset_id: the ID of the asset to set permissions on.
  • user_id: the ID of the user or user group to apply permissions for.
  • granted: the permission type to apply: 1 (Grant) 0 (Deny) or -1 (Revoke).
  • level: the permission level to apply: 1 (Read), 2 (Write) or 3 (Admin).
  • cascades: whether or not to automatically cascade permissions to newly created child assets.
  • dependants_only: whether or not to apply permission changes to dependant assets only.
  • dependant_parents: whether or not to apply permission changes to dependant parents instead.
  • dataCallback: the custom callback function.

An example usage of this operation is as follows: 



Squiz Matrix Newsletter #513: Squiz Matrix 5.2 Released

This week we released Squiz Matrix 5.2, our second minor release of Matrix 5.0, released this time last year.

This release is absolutely packed with new functionality, including over seventy new features and enhancements.

Some of the flagship features available in Matrix 5.2 include:

Along with this release, we've also released new micro versions of our 5.0 and 5.1 releases.

This will be our final release of our 5.0 branch, which first launched on April 28th 2014.

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