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Squiz Matrix Newsletter #476

We have one new feature to report this week, the addition of e-commerce order logs in the system's Log Manager. Continue reading below for more information on all this week's developments.

E-Commerce Order Logs in the Log Manager (#3546)

Due for release in version

Squiz Matrix's E-Commerce package allows you to configure, create and manage an e-commerce solution within your site. As part of this package, the Ecommerce Form Page asset enables the creation of form-based ordering systems, where users can select products for purchase before proceeding to a configured payment gateway.

The Ecommerce Form Page's Order Logging screen allows you to tell Matrix to generate a log file in the system, to store a record of completed orders.

The Log to File option

Previously, these order logs were only stored on the server and not accessible via the back-end.

This feature changes the way that the E-Commerce package stores these order logs, which will now be written to a new log file: data/private/logs/form_commerce_order.log. The contents of this log file can now be accessed using the system's Log Manager.

The ECommerce Form Order Log in the Log Manager

This feature has been added to provide users with a much more efficient and easier way of viewing and maintaining the order logs recorded by a Ecommerce Form Page asset.

Squiz Matrix Newsletter #475

Our apologies for the lack of a newsletter last week, but we're back on track this week with a new patch release for Matrix 5 and some great new features to share.


Last week got off to a great start with our first micro release of Squiz Matrix 5 and accompanying Edit+ release. Squiz Matrix 4.18.x also saw a new release, containing minor enhancements and bug fixes.

For more information on these releases, including patch notes, view the release blog post.

On Friday, we rolled out a patch release of Squiz Matrix 5. Patch releases are those containing minor bug fixes. 

Take a look at a detailed explanation of Squiz Matrix's new version numbering in Issue #473 of the  Squiz Matrix Newsletter.

To view all our upcoming releases of Matrix, view the Release Information page on the Squiz Matrix User Manual Library.


We've three new features to report this week, including highlighted row selections in back-end tables within Matrix. Continue reading below for more information on all this week's developments.

Highlighted Row Selections in Tables (#5189)

Due for release in version

This feature introduces the handy new addition of highlighted selections when browsing tables in Matrix's Administration interface. This means that row selections will be highlighted as you hover your cursor over a table.

Highlighted Table Row 

This feature has been added to improve table usage within Squiz Matrix, making it easier to identify the corresponding fields for a row.

New User Login Attributes Added (#2731)

Due for release in version

Two new attributes have been added to Matrix to store a user's last login date (login_date) and IP address (login_ip).

This information stored within these attributes can be accessed using the following global keyword replacements:


Both of these new keywords support keyword modifiers, with the login_date keyword also supporting existing date format keyword extensions. This works in a similar manner to date keywords e.g. %globals_user_attribute_login_date_short%.

Additional Asset Information in Error Logs (#3308)

Previously, when monitoring the error logs of a Squiz Matrix system, it could often be difficult to determine the cause of an error, warning or notice.

This feature adds a new option on the System Configuration's Error/Debug Settings, allowing Matrix to display the current frontend asset ID and URL that an error has been triggered from.

Additional Asset Information in the Error Logs 

When this option is enabled, additional information will be added to allow you to more easily identify and resolve errors within your system.

Squiz Matrix 4.18.6, & Edit+ 5.0.1 Released

Our latest releases of Squiz Matrix are available today. These releases include the latest version of our 4.18.x branch, as well as a micro release of Squiz Matrix 5.

Version 4.18.6 is the latest release of our 4.18.x branch, launched late last year. This release contains two new features and enhancements, as well as twenty-nine bug fixes.

Squiz Matrix is the first micro release of Matrix 5, after last month's launch. This release contains eleven bug fixes. This release is accompanied by version 5.0.1 of Edit+ for Squiz Matrix, which contains two bug fixes.

Please be sure to follow the relevant user guides when updating or installing your system. 

Squiz Matrix Newsletter #474

The day we've been waiting for finally arrived this week as we unleashed Squiz Matrix 5 out into the wild! We're also happy to announce that the VM release of Matrix 5 is now available for download.


The Squiz Matrix logo 

In this week's development news, we have a new option on the SAML Account Manager to set a delayed redirect.

Number 5 is alive!

Since we announced the release of Squiz Matrix 5 a little over a month ago, we've been slowly revealing information on some of the features and changes everyone could look forward to.

But that's all come to a halt now, because on Monday, after months of hard work, Matrix 5 was finally released!

Now's your chance to get your hands on Matrix 5, marvel at the new Admin and Edit Mode interfaces, and try out some of the great new features like conditional content rules and Marketo integration.

Matrix is available now via our Git repository (contact Squiz for access), and also, as of today, as a VM download on the Squiz Matrix User Manual Library. Head over to the Evaluate Squiz Matrix page for the download link.

You can check out the Squiz Matrix 5 is Here! blog post for more information on the release, including patch notes.

Chart your way with Squizmap.

After many years of faithful service, it's time to say goodbye to the Squiz Matrix Bug Tracker. As of the release of Matrix 5, the tracker is now closed.

The good news is, that this paves the way for Squiz's own Roadmap installation: Squizmap. New bug reports and feature requests can now be lodged via the Squiz Matrix project on Squizmap.


Many of our existing clients have already been using Squizmap for quite a while but if you do not yet have an account, contact Squiz to organise access.

Our May Release Schedule.

While we have now released Matrix 5, we are still continuing to support and update our 4.18.x branch of Matrix with bug fixes and other minor updates. This branch is set to be discontinued later in the year.

On Monday, we'll be releasing version 4.18.6 of Squiz Matrix. This release contains minor bug fixes.

We'll also be making available our first micro release of Squiz Matrix and accompanying version 5.0.1 of Edit+ for Squiz Matrix. These releases are also available Monday and contain bug fixes.

You can view a detailed explanation of Squiz Matrix's new version numbering in Issue #473 of the  Squiz Matrix Newsletter.

To view all our upcoming releases of Matrix, view the Release Information page on the Squiz Matrix User Manual Library.


SAML Account Manager: Redirect Delay (#5288)

Due for release in version

Squiz Matrix's SAML package facilitates integration with SAML 2.0, allowing your system to serve as a service provider, delegating user authentication to SAML 2.0 identity providers to achieve federated access.

This SAML Account Manager asset is used to configure the SAML integration settings within Matrix. These settings include defining a location for users to redirect to after the SAML authentication process, and specifying the parameters of this redirect.

This feature introduces a new Redirect Delay setting in these options, allowing you to set an amount of time in seconds to delay the redirect.

The Redirect Delay Field on the SAML Account Manager 

By default, this field is set to 0 (zero), meaning that the redirect will not be delayed. When a value is set in this field, JavaScript code will be used to execute the delayed redirect.

PHP_CodeSniffer 2.0.0a2 released

I've just released the second alpha of PHP_CodeSniffer version 2.0.0. This update brings a new type of report, performance improvements, and Phar distribution for each download and testing.

Information Report

PHP_CodeSniffer now comes with an information report that is able to show you information about how your code is written rather than checking that it conforms to a standard. You can read more about this report, and see example output, on the wiki.

Performance Improvements

A number of minor performance improvements have gone into this version, which will probably only be obvious when checking very large code bases. As a result, there are a few important changes to know about:

  • Line length warnings will now be shown for lines that refer to licence and VCS information. The line length sniff previously ignored these lines, which meant that it had to run a regular expression on every line it checked.
  • The $tokens array has a new length index that you can use to determine the length of the token's content rather than having to call strlen() yourself and deal with character encoding.
  • The use of in_array() when checking the PHP_CodeSniffer_Tokens static vars impacted performance significantly, so they have been restructured so that you can also use isset() on them.
  • Custom reports can now specify a $recordErrors member var that, when set to FALSE, will tell PHP_CodeSniffer that it doesn't need to record errors during the run. This gives a significant memory saving if you are using a custom report to output summary information rather than a full list of errors found.

Phar Distribution

For the first time, PHP_CodeSniffer's phpcs and phpcbf commands are now available as Phar files. The Phars are still in testing and are known to not work with HHVM, but are an easy way to try out the new 2.0 alpha versions.

curl -OL https://github.com/squizlabs/PHP_CodeSniffer/releases/download/2.0.0a2/phpcs.phar
php phphcs.phar /path/to/code

curl -OL https://github.com/squizlabs/PHP_CodeSniffer/releases/download/2.0.0a2/phpcbf.phar
php phpcbf.phar /path/to/code

Everything Else

Besides these major changes, there are a number of bug fixes and improvements to automatic code fixing. Thanks to all the developers who directly contributed code to this release.

View the full 2.0.0a2 changelog at PEAR or Github

Stay up to date on all PHP_CodeSniffer changes, including new features and releases, by subscribing to the RSS feed or following me on Twitter.

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