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Squiz Matrix Newsletter #513: Squiz Matrix 5.2 Released

This week we released Squiz Matrix 5.2, our second minor release of Matrix 5.0, released this time last year.

This release is absolutely packed with new functionality, including over seventy new features and enhancements.

Some of the flagship features available in Matrix 5.2 include:

Along with this release, we've also released new micro versions of our 5.0 and 5.1 releases.

This will be our final release of our 5.0 branch, which first launched on April 28th 2014.

Squiz Matrix Newsletter #512

For the past month, we've been giving you a taste of what to expect in our upcoming release of Squiz Matrix. Squiz Matrix 5.2.0 will contain over forty new features and enhancements and great news... it's nearly upon us!

We're hoping to be able to release 5.2 early next week if everything goes to plan, so be sure to check back here next week for all the latest.

In the meantime, we're taking a look at another of our flagship features in 5.2, Google Analytics Goal tracking in Edit+ for Squiz Matrix. Continue reading below to learn more about this fantastic new addition.

Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Google Analytics Goal Tracking

Due for release in version (TBA)  

With the release of Squiz Matrix 5.1 last year, we added the Google Analytics Connector asset, allowing users to easily integrate their Matrix systems with Google Analytics data. With an integrated system, users in Edit+ for Squiz Matrix were able to view traffic and audience data on pages they were editing via the new Analytics screen.

In Matrix 5.2, we've extended this functionality further to support the viewing of Goals. Goals allow you to measure the success of specific website objectives, such as visiting a specific page, clicking on a particular link, or buying a product from an e-commerce shop.

Information on the goals you have configured within your Google Analytics account can now be viewed directly within Edit+ for Squiz Matrix via a new Goals tab on the Analytics screen. 

The Goals tab 

You can view an overall summary of the goals you have created, as well as select individual goals to view the specific statistics for that goal. 

Daily conversion graphs, traffic sources, user types and other additional data is provided for your goals, as well as a ranking of your most converted goals.

Analytics data on the Goals screen 

Like the other Analytics tabs, the Goals screen provides a time period switcher tool, allowing you to toggle goal data between one, three and six months. This allows you to view your data on both a long and short term scale.

Squiz Matrix Newsletter #511

Please note that the Squiz Matrix User Manual Library will be offline for a short time this weekend due to scheduled maintenance. We apologise for any inconvenience.


This week we have two new features to report, including new icons in Edit+ for Squiz Matrix to indicate when display conditions have been applied to a content container. Continue reading below for more information on all this week's developments.  

Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Icons to Indicate Conditionally Displayed Content

Due for release in version (TBA)  

With the release of Squiz Matrix 5, we introduced the ability to dynamically present content based on a range and combination of content container conditions.

In the Administration Interface, containers with applied display conditions would be marked with an icon, indicating as such. In Edit+ for Squiz Matrix, however, no such icon was present.

This minor enhancement introduces new icons to indicate to users when a container has conditionally displayed content.

When conditions have been set on a content container but have not been enabled, the Edit Display Conditions icon will be highlighted grey. When these conditions are enabled, the icon will turn orange. These icon changes as shown in the figure below.

The Edit Display Conditions icon 

This enhancement has been added to assist content editors, helping them to more easily identify conditional content during the editing process.

Metadata Select Field Enhancements

Due for release in version (TBA)

The Select field on a metadata schema is a commonly used field type, allowing users to select a value from a pre-defined list.

This feature introduces enhancements to the Details screen of the Metadata Select Field, allowing you to more easily set and configure the available options.

Previously, adding options to a select field was done via the New Options field. This functionality has now been incorporated into the Select Field Options list, allowing you to quickly add an option directly to your existing list of options, without having to click the Commit button.

Configuring the Order List on a Metadata Select Field 

Options can now also be re-ordered with ease by simply dragging and dropping your existing options to their desired location in your options list.

Squiz Matrix Newsletter #510

This week we have two new features to report, including new keyword modifiers to append and prepend text to the returned value of a keyword replacement. Continue reading below for more information on all this week's developments.

New Keyword Modifiers: Append & Prepend

Due for release in version (TBA)   

Keyword modifiers within Squiz Matrix allow you to modify the returned values of keyword replacements.

This feature introduces four new keyword modifiers to prepend and append text to the returned value of a keyword replacement.

The append modifier will append a given string at the end of a returned value. An additional append_if modifier is also available which will append a given string only if the returned value is not empty.

In the following example, we are appending an asterisk to the end of the returned asset attribute name.

Example: %asset_attribute_name^append:*% 
Effect: name name*

The prepend modifier will prepend a given string at the beginning of the returned value. Like the append modifiers, a prepend_if modifier is also available to prepend a given string if the returned value is not empty.

In the following example, we are prepending a hash to the beginning of returned asset ID.

Example: %asset_assetid^prepend:#% 
Effect:  123 > #123

Workflow Schemas: Customise the Workflow Started Message

Due for release in version (TBA)  

During the workflow process, Squiz Matrix sends a number of email notifications to users, informing them of the status of the workflow of an asset, for example, when asset changes have been approved or rejected.

The Workflow Started Message is sent when workflow is initiated on an asset, inviting users to approve or reject changes to workflow. Previously, this notification was not available to be customised. This feature introduces the ability to now configure the content of the Workflow Started Message

The content of the Workflow Started Message can be customised on the Custom Messages screen of a Workflow Schema.

The Workflow Started Message 

Like with the other custom message settings, you can modify the subject and body content of the email notification. By default, the subject of the Workflow Started Message is 'Workflow Started'.

A list of keyword replacements is also available for use, including all available keywords for the asset that is currently in workflow, including attribute and metadata keywords.

Squiz Matrix Newsletter #509

Our release of Squiz Matrix 5.2 is getting closer and closer. We are currently in our testing phase and promise we'll have more information available soon, including a release date.

In the mean time, we have three new features to report this week, including a new Clone Asset functionality in Edit+ for Squiz Matrix. Continue reading below for more information on all this week's developments. 

Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Asset Cloning

Due for release in version (TBA)  

A new Clone Asset tool has been added to the Asset Creation Wizard within Edit+ for Squiz Matrix, allowing you to clone an existing asset within your system.

The Clone Existing Asset button will be displayed when first opening the Asset Creation Wizard, and will display additional asset cloning options when clicked.

The Clone Existing Asset button

The Clone Asset tool works in a similar manner to cloning assets within the Administration interface, allowing you to specify the asset to clone, enter a name for the cloned asset and the location where the asset will be cloned.

The Clone Asset settings

This feature has been added to provide cloning functionality within Edit+ for Squiz Matrix, a staple within the Administration interface, and will enable more efficient management of the assets within your system.

JavaScript API, cloneAsset: New Parameter to Specify Clone Name

Due for release in version (TBA)  

The cloneAsset() operation on the JavaScript API allows you to clone an asset under a specified parent, while also specifying the number of clones to create and their link type.

Previously, however, this operation would clone assets using the same name as the original asset; there was no way to specify a new name for the cloned asset.

This feature introduces the new clone_name parameter, allowing you to set a new name for the cloned asset(s).

This parameter has been added to compliment Edit+ for Squiz Matrix's new asset cloning functionality, outlined above.

Placeholder Attribute for Text Based Form Questions

Due for release in version (TBA)  

A new Placeholder field has been added to the Details screen of text-based form fields within Matrix, including Email AddressNumeric and Text question types.

The Placeholder field

This field allows you to add a placeholder attribute to your form fields, a short hint, describing the expected value of the input field. This could be, for example, a sample value or a description of the expected format. 

The value entered into the placeholder field for a form question will be displayed in the input field before the user enters a value.

This functionality has also been extended to include Custom Form editing with Edit+ for Squiz Matrix 

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