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PHP_CodeSniffer 1.3.0RC2 released

PHP_CodeSniffer version 1.3.0 release candidate 2 has just been uploaded to PEAR and is now available to install. This release has been focused primarily on bug fixing, but (typically) there were also a few features that made it in. Some of the highlights in this release are:

I'd like to especially thank the 6 generous patch contributors for this release and all those who took the time to submit bugs and test the fixes.

All new features have been documented and will be available on the PHP_CodeSniffer documentation page once the documentation regenerates over the weekend.

Developers who have built custom coding standards are reminded to read the 1.3.0 upgrade guide to ensure your standards are ready for the 1.3.0 stable release. No release date is set, but it's a fairly easy upgrade process and doing it early will give you plenty of time for testing.

You can view the full changelog on the PHP_CodeSniffer download page.

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