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Squiz Analytics Patch 1050 Released

A new update for Squiz Analytics has been made available for download today as a VM image on the Squiz Analytics Download Page. You can also use your existing product's automatic update procedures to update your system.

This latest patch will prepare your system for migration from Debian Lenny to Scientific Linux 6. Please note that this operating system change will not affect the functionality of your system and has been applied so as to continue to provide timely updates for security issues that affect all areas of your system. 

While you are not obligated to migrate to the Scientific Linux operating system, please keep in mind that if you do not migrate your system, you will no longer receive future product or security updates.

To migrate your system, you will be required to take a backup of your current Squiz Analytics system and then restore this backup on a new system running Scientific Linux. In depth migration steps are outlined in the patch notes for this release. 

Apart from the system migration, this release of Squiz Analytics includes two bug fixes and enables the Organisations report to now display associate geographical locations for each entry.

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