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Squiz Matrix Newsletter #365

The Mother's Day Classic is a fun run and walk event organised by the National Breast Cancer Foundation to raise vital funds for breast cancer research. 

 The Mother's Day Classic 

In 2011, Squiz Labs took part in the event to show our support for this wonderful cause. Last year was a terrific success and all Squiz participants had an amazing and truly rewarding experience.

View our report on last year's event.

Registrations are now open for this year's event and Squiz Labs is happy to, once again, be taking part alongside the 120,000 Australians nationwide who are making a difference this Mother's Day.

We've set up a fundraising page where you can sponsor our team by donating money (all donations go directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation). Alternatively, you can head to the Mother's Day Classic site to make a donation or for more information in participating this Mother's Day!


This week was headlined with the release of Squiz Matrix versions 4.4.7 and 4.6.3. Features and enhancements introduced in these versions included additional Send Cacheable Header settings on the Cache Manager, direct link options to asset external target URLs on the WYSIWYG's Insert Link tool and additional options to ignore headers in imported CSV files in the Remap Manager, Metadata Select field and the Bulk Import User tool.

We also unveiled the release candidate for next month's 4.8.0 release, containing over 20 new features and enhancements!

View the release blog post for further information on each of these releases, including release notes and download links.


We have two new features to report on this week, including a new option to globally cache the Not Found Page of Site assets. Continue reading below for further information on all this week's developments.

Cache Globally: 404 Not Found Page of a Site

Due for release in versions 4.6.4 and 4.8.0 (March 5th 2012)

A new setting has been added to the Details screen of Site assets to globally cache the 404 Not Found Page of the Site.

When this field is enabled, the Not Found Page specified on the Details screen will share a common cache entry everywhere it is used, irrespective of the URL.

The Cache Globally Setting on the Details screen of a Site

Caching in these circumstances begins right before painting the page, meaning that all nested content and design areas will be included in the cache.

This option should be used on Sites where the configured Not Found Page is constant and not dynamically generated (URL-based).

Suggested Tags Now In Alphabetical Order

Due for release in versions 4.6.4 and 4.8.0 (March 5th 2012)

On the Tagging screen, suggested tags are available for an asset if searching has been configured on your system. When this feature is enabled, the Suggest Tags pop-up will display a list of possible terms that may be applicable for tagging on your asset.

Previously, however, these tags were not presented in any specific order, as shown in the figure below.

The Suggested Tags pop-up on the Tagging screen 

This minor enhancement modifies how these tags are presented by displaying them in alphabetical order. This allows you to more easily locate and select the terms to tag your asset with.

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