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Squiz Matrix Newsletter #473: Matrix 5 Versioning Updates

The release of Squiz Matrix 5 is fast approaching! In fact, there's just over a week to go until Matrix 5 goes live on Monday, the 28th of April.

Due to the holiday breaks (Easter and Anzac Day), we won't be publishing a newsletter next week. This means that today is your last sneak peek before the release of Matrix 5.

This week, we discuss our new processes for managing and releasing Squiz Matrix 5 and beyond, including a brand new versioning system. We also have news regarding the Squiz Matrix Bug Tracker.

So let's get right to it then.

Matrix 5 Release Changes

In the past, Matrix has seen a consistent release schedule, with monthly minor releases and a new branch released approximately every 4 months. With the release of Matrix 5, however, we've taken the opportunity of reviewing and improving this system.

As of Matrix 5, we will no longer be releasing versions on a set scheduled basis, instead moving to a more ad hoc release system, with new versions released as they are warranted.

To complement this new release system, we've also changed how we version Squiz Matrix to now use four version numbers: MAJOR.MINOR.MICRO.PATCH (e.g. Squiz Matrix

  • MAJOR - Significant changes to the core of the product and interface.
  • MINOR - New features and enhancements are released.
  • MICRO - Bug fixes are released that either require a website downtime, editing freeze, server software restart or any install scripts to be run.
  • PATCH - Minor bug fixes are released that are a simple drop in replacement of files and easily reversible. 

This ad hoc strategy has also been extended to our releases of Edit+ for Squiz Matrix, which will now be kept in sync with our Matrix releases. This means that for every MINOR release of Matrix, a supported MINOR release of Edit+ will also be released (e.g. Matrix v5.2.0.0, Edit+ v5.2.0).

We're hoping this system will allow us to push new releases more efficiently, especially those containing vital bug fixes or important enhancements, and provide more feature-rich MINOR releases. 

As always, information on future releases will be available on the Squiz Matrix User Manual Library.

Farewell, Bug Tracker.

Our trusty Squiz Matrix Bug Tracker has been around since the launch of the product and has seen almost 7000 bugs reviewed and resolved. But it's time to move on.

As of our Squiz Matrix 5 release, the Bug Tracker will be closing and bug management will now be handled by Squiz's internal Roadmap system, Squizmap, which is currently accessible to existing Squiz clients and those with a Squiz Connect Partnership.


This change has been implemented to provide consistency with the bug tracking of our other products, all of which are managed within Squizmap.

Bugs can also be reported on the Squiz Suite Support Forum.

Happy Easter!

As we head off on our much anticipated break, Squiz Labs would like to wish everyone a very happy Easter!

Happy Easter 2014 

We'll be back in a couple of weeks time with the exciting Squiz Matrix 5 release. So, enjoy the chocolate, enjoy the break and we'll see you then.

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